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So, here's the backstory:

In 2010 I was 9 months pregnant with my first baby, and learned that my place of work was closing their normal operations. I would be scaled back to contract/ work from home status. My primary role was marketing and website management, but I had also picked up a side gig of making hair bows to sell in the shop. All of which could easily be done from my home. Considering I had no real plan for child care, this was actually a blessing for our family and we accepted it with faith and trust.


Just a few months into my work from home adventure, I was inspired by my tiny sidekick to start my own little hair bow shop- named after her, of course! After a few years and one little brother later, we added custom birthday apparel and eventually tee shirts. Vinyl monogramming shirts eventually grew into a screen printing branch of the business, about the same time we grew our family yet again through the blessing of foster care and adoption.



It sounds silly, but I really just love tee shirts. I love designing, producing, selling, shipping, and of course wearing them... all things shirts! That's my jam!

BUT... there is always a but... right!? I have four kiddos! I love those babies so much my heart could explode! They are my why- plain and simple. They are why I keep learning and growing, evolving and trying. But not just to financially provide for them. Not just to buy them groceries and shoes and all the things.


I want to show them that God's people matter. We each have unique talents and individual dreams that He plants within us. I want them to see that we are better when we work together. No one achieves anything alone, and I want my children to reap the reward of being an encourager in part of someone else's journey. To show them how to look beyond their self and get creative when it comes to using your own talents and opportunities to bless others.

It took me much reflection and a major ah-ha moment to realize that this fun, random job that the Lord blessed me with can truly be a blessing to others. That is what the Mission Shirt Shop is. It is our mission to help where we can, when we can. We all have a mission- maybe you are growing your own brand and need logo gear. Maybe you are outfitting a team for an advocacy walk, or gearing up for a big family reunion. Maybe your football team, or beauty queen, or dance company or community food bank needs extra funding to get to the next level. Perhaps you have a retail store and want to feature your own custom lines of apparel... We want to be part of that!

Please reach out. We'd love to join you on your mission!





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